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Super basics! Create a canvas for drawing!

Start FireAlpaca and let's draw! But you need to create a canvas.

First, let's create a new file

diagram:create a canvas after start-up
diagram:create a canvas after start-up

Go to "File" > "New..." at the top menu.

diagram:File New...

"Create New Image" window will appear.

If you don't have other preferences, set only "Width" and "Height" and click "OK".

In the diagram, it shows the horizontally long canvas. If you want to create a vertically long canvas, set "Height" larger than "Width".(for example: Width=1200, Height=1600, etc.)

diagram:Create New Image
diagram:"Create New Image"

A canvas has been created!

Now you can start drawing.

diagram:canvas has been created
diagram:canvas has been created

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